Statement on Equality & Racism

At UniCourse, our diverse community of staff and students have been deeply affected by recent events stemming from the wrongful death of the unarmed Georgy Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police and captured on video. The reality of police brutality, discrimination and systematic racism was brought into sharp focus, which prompted a global response of protests across many countries, as well as a huge reaction on social media.

As a company and organisation, we stand firmly against racism. We stand in solidarity with victims of discrimination; those who are attacked, singled out and weighed down by oppression because of the colour of their skin. We stand for challenging the racist structures that support these inequalities in our society.

We also recognise that it is not enough simply oppose racism, but that we must take a proactive role in being anti-racist. We have a duty to educate not only ourselves but also others around us and everyone at UniCourse has a role to play. We promise that we will never turn a blind eye to racial discrimination, and we will take the strongest possible action on any staff member found to be indulging in vile racist behaviour.

We realise and acknowledge that what we are saying here means nothing if actions do not follow. With the knowledge that true, honest, genuine and helpful support for anti-racist work requires risk-taking, deep self-reflection, and the de-centering of whiteness (which for those of us who are White means de-centering ourselves and listening), we are prepared to do more to help with the progress of our company and thus our society.

We are proud of our inclusive, caring community and recognise our company’s responsibility in supporting everyone within it.

In solidarity,


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