Celebrating International Leadership week 2023 #ILW23

It’s International Leadership Week 20-24th March, where an international community of individuals impassioned with continually improving leadership standards by creating and nurturing confident, competent leaders who will thrive. Initiated by The Institute of Leadership & Management, ILW is a great time to celebrate the efforts of great managers and leaders in the workplace and to look at other ways we can strive to do better.

Kicking off ILW23 is Institute of Leadership & Management CEO John Mark Williams, who spoke on a LinkedIn live online event about everything happening this week. Check out the schedule here for more live events and useful resources. See what’s being said on The Hub and record, tag and share with the community on social media using hashtag #ILW23. Nominate a great leader from your workplace or broader life and get involved with the great discussions ongoing this week.

We know that positive, productive work cultures come from the top, and so establishing the next generation of great leaders and supporting existing workplace leaders, we can improve the cultures of workplaces around the world and the resultant experience of working within them.

Our ILM management courses provide our learners with access to ILM resources, tools and events which are incredibly valuable for developing knowledge, employability and vocational skills. For those not currently studying with us, you can see the depth of assets offered to ILM members and our learners, and for our ILM learners immediately take advantage of all of the exciting happenings this #ILW32.

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