International Women in Engineering Day – 23rd June 2021

In light of International Women in Engineering Day today, we wanted to express the importance of the initiative as it plays a vital role in encouraging more girls and young women to take up engineering careers, but before anything else, to take an interest at a young age.

There continues to be many industries where women are underrepresented, and despite the increased interest in engineering among women in recent years, only 11% of the UK engineering workforce are women. Campaigns such as International Women in Engineering Day seek to raise awareness of the incredible career opportunities available to females in the industry and is celebrated by a diverse range of people, including schools, organisations, STEM campaigners, universities and politicians; with a global audience reach of over 100 million.

One of our HNC Electrical Engineering graduates Katie, 21, who is three years into her air traffic control career, believes that “the engineering world is going in the right direction with regards to being more inclusive”, but that there is still work to be done to ensure that engineering is perceived as an option for everyone. Katie states that the best way to achieve this would be to “start encouraging girls when they’re younger, perhaps by having more career days and workshops in schools”. This is likely to result in more women pursuing engineering careers without worrying about gender stereotypes, leading to more female role models in the field that can then encourage others.

Here at UniCourse, only 3% of our active engineering learners are women, yet we persist in empowering more women to study with us and eliminate the misconception that engineering is a non-creative, male-orientated industry. Another female engineering graduate of ours has reinforced that “the industry is working very hard to become more inclusive for women, and if you have a passion for engineering, the only way to change perceptions is to become a part of that change”.

We hope that the concept of engineering being a ‘man’s profession’ will be eliminated entirely in the future, and the number of women entering the profession will continue to rise.

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