Learner Success Stories: Attila – Former HNC/D Mechanical Engineering Learner

I was in full-time employment as I came across online courses for engineers. After a long period on the tools I decided to develop my skills in the welding engineering sector. I decided to enrol on the HNC Mechanical engineering course provided by UniCourse. I chose UniCourse as they offer flexible, online study. A previous student also gave me a recommendation and really good feedback. My goal was to achieve a reputable qualification which is recognised worldwide.

I think the most effective way for a working-class person to further their education is start an online distance learning course. UniCourse offer the flexibility of a 5-year registration period to complete the course, which is really good because circumstances can change, and this gives you plenty of time to gain your qualification.

I really enjoyed the (U1) Engineering Design and (U4) Managing a Professional Engineering Project units. These units were really challenging and showed me how much planning is required to complete a project. The support I received throughout my course was excellent. The tutors are really dedicated and want the learners to achieve their dreams which is really important.

I did not have any reservations about starting an online distance learning course as the information provided on the UniCourse website and their lovely staff assured me that the HNC qualification is right for me. They explained their accreditation and how my qualification will be acknowledged when I continue my education. Since completing my course, I value distance learning courses even more, as it has opened many doors for me on a professional level.

The flexibility UniCourse offer helped me overcome any challenges and I did not experience any problems. My tutor Mohammed Hoq was excellent with helping me understand the material. Because of the flexibility, I managed to find a balance between studying and working full-time. This allowed me to complete my HNC qualification very quickly.

My experience with UniCourse was amazing and I decided to take my education even further and enrolled on the HND level. This will help me achieve my dream career. My advice for anyone looking to start an online distance course, is to do it because the result is worth it.

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