Learner Success Stories: Dargiris – Former HNC Electrical & Electronic Engineering Learner

I started an HNC Electrical & Electronic Engineering course with UniCourse because I wanted to progress in my line of work. Due to the nature of my work, to achieve a natural progression I had to either get an HNC to qualify for a management position or find a job as a commissioner. I decided to do both, get qualified and try getting a commissioning job before looking for an onsite management job.

I chose UniCourse because a former learner recommended it to me. He told me that I had potential and if I achieve an HNC certificate he might help me with a contract down the line. This motivated me to enrol and complete the course.

Upon starting the course, I had a clear goal in my head to achieve the qualification and enhance my knowledge. Eventually, I learned much more than I expected, and I broadened my knowledge in different areas by choosing from diverse optional modules that UniCourse offer. I had no reservations about starting an online distance learning course, I was actually looking forward to expanding my knowledge whilst retaining my job and income. 

Probably a downfall of doing a distance learning course is that you must be mentally prepared to push yourself forward, however, this becomes easy with time. In the beginning, I thought I would be lacking the motivation to do all the work myself, without the pressure from teachers or deadlines.

Through the course, I discovered that I could motivate myself to learn and complete assignments. The best thing about the course is that I had the privilege to complete some of it during the lockdown and be productive. 

Because of the flexibility offered by the course, my experience of learning online was really good. The course material provided was excellent and full of information, it helped me understand things. Tutor support was also good, my tutor was always giving me prompt and clear replies. Tutor support and additional research helped me overcome even the modules I thought were the hardest. My favourite modules were Engineering Design, Project Management and PLCs.

After completing the course, I developed a different outlook on the world. I understand much more about the processes involved in many different things, which is motivating me to potentially start my own business. For now, my goal is to go back to work after the pandemic and progress and learn more to help me achieve my dreams. For anyone in doubt whether to start a course with UniCourse, I say just go for it as it is worth every second you spend on it. 

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