Learner Success Stories: Nabs G – former HNC Manufacturing Engineering learner

I have always wanted to gain professional qualifications, broaden my knowledge and skills in the manufacturing field so that I could enhance my career. This seemed difficult with a full-time job. I heard about the distance learning course from my colleagues and I started browsing. I found a few institutions that provide distance learning courses and I was in a dilemma as to which one to choose. I chose UniCourse because of the positive reviews and feedback from the past learners and because of their reasonably priced courses. I’m very pleased that I made that decision because since then I have successfully completed my HNC in Manufacturing Engineering and I’m about to start my HND.

My experience learning online was a bit difficult but the learning materials such as workbooks and ebooks that were provided, flexibility that was offered on assignments submission, and the support of tutors at Unicourse was very helpful to get me on the track during difficult times.

As I work in the Quality Control department, the best part of the course for me was U17 Quality and Process  Improvement. I have learnt new tools and techniques for inspection and testings, as well as about various manufacturing processes. Although there were many challenges, I enjoyed the course throughout. I was also privileged to get support from my senior colleagues at my workplace who helped and guided me to understand the various manufacturing processes. 

At Unicourse, all the tutors were very friendly and put no pressure on deadlines of assignment submission. I also didn’t have to travel to attend lectures. Assignments were also marked within 48 hours of submission which motivated me to move on to the next workbook.

After successfully completing HNC with good marks on all modules, it has given me the confidence to study further, and now I am thinking about joining Unicourse again to complete an HND. The other good thing about this course is I can use the credits to access university courses in the future.

For anyone thinking of undertaking the distance learning course with UniCourse, I would say don’t think twice – go for it. It will be worth it in the end. Having said that, everything depends on you. Take plenty of time to go through the workbooks and eBooks that are provided. Check videos on Moodle, YouTube, Google, and other platforms about the subject. If you find yourself stuck and haven’t made any progress just reach out for help. Without hesitation, talk to your tutors and colleagues for support.

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