Learner Success Stories: Rhys – former HNC Mechanical Engineering learner

I currently work for a service company in offshore oil and gas. The industry that I work in is going through a lot of change with mass layoffs due to cost-cutting, even more so now due to Covid-19. I think having an HNC/D qualification plus the years of offshore experience will help me to remain employable. After looking online at several different institutions that supplied online learning, I chose UniCourse because of the price and because I could do it all from home, I did not have to travel anywhere for testing or lectures. I wanted to complete my HNC to a high standard in order to boost my career and give myself options for future training.

My experience learning online has been a good one. It has taken me longer than I expected but it has been overall positive. I found that buying and doing the exercises in the recommended textbooks helped. Overall, the experience has been worth it and I have learnt a lot. I enjoyed most parts of the course. My favourite part was the thermodynamics and heat engines unit as it was the most familiar and useful to me. Completing the HNC help me to access university courses in the future. The studying skills I have learnt as well as the knowledge from the course content will aid me in this.

The support I received from UniCourse was great, the workbooks are helpful and the tutors are usually quick to respond to any questions. To begin with, I had a few reservations about starting an online distance learning course. My main concern was if I would get the support that I needed. Since completing my HNC, I found that I received great support from UniCourse. With the right support you can deal with any issues that come up.

The best part of a distance learning course is that you can go at your own pace. The hardest part for me was not knowing if you have understood the problem and given the right answer, however communication with my tutors helped me overcome this. I had struggled with several different things during the course. I found that by using the workbooks or the recommended textbooks or asking the tutors I was able the find solutions and move past them.

Completing my HNC has given me better understanding of how the engineering process works and how to apply the different engineering methods to find solutions to problems I encounter at my day to day job. I gained a better understanding of how different systems that I use at work operate, with regards to the gas process systems, compressors, heat exchanges and piping.

I think now that I have started, I will continue to study and obtain a full degree. Completing this course has given me the confidence to continue to study, it has also opened up several job opportunities that I would not have been eligible for if I didn’t have an HNC in mechanical engineering. I’m going to continue to study and look forward to completing my HND.

For anyone looking to start a distance learning course with UniCourse I would recommend giving yourself plenty of time, read and do the exercises in your workbooks, they will help you to understand things better in the long run. Also, think about buying textbooks as they can sometimes give you a better understanding of whatever question is being asked and make use of the tutors, they are there to help you.



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