Learner Success Stories: Tracey – former HNC/D Electrical & Electronic Engineering learner

I decided to enrol with UniCourse because they had good reviews and they were offering very reasonably priced engineering qualifications. Their courses also include 7x day tutor support and they let you create your own syllabus from a large selection of really interesting optional modules.

When I first signed up for the HNC in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, my goal was to obtain a professional qualification to support my role of Access Control Adviser. However, after completing the HNC with a distinction in just 3.5 months*, I decided I wanted to develop my career within the electrotechnical industry even further, and so I signed up for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering HND!

I really enjoyed studying online with UniCourse because they provide you with a great selection of learning materials for each of the individual modules and these are comprehensive enough to help you to complete each of the individual assignments, without tutor support. Being able to study at my own pace and without the need for additional assistance, helped me to stay in control of my studies and also helped me to develop confidence and the motivation to undertake a University degree course.

What I liked most about my distance learning engineering course is that it wasn’t all about writing essays and a lot of the assignments allowed you to combine knowledge with creativity.

Some of the questions also involved using different software applications to develop and analyse products/systems. Analysing and developing different electronic control systems, researching renewable energy sources, creating a newsletter about the 4th Industrial revolution, using Python to create a robot and MATLAB to simulate a renewable energy source, are just some of the tasks I found most enjoyable.

The support UniCourse offers is excellent and the tutors are very efficient and normally respond to emails/mark your work within 24 hours. The way UniCourse operate really helps you to stay motivated and gives you the encouragement you need to complete all assignments to the best of your ability.

I was a bit apprehensive when I first started my distance learning course as I wasn’t sure what to expect and I didn’t know how the online workbooks would assist me with the course. Now that I have completed the course, I think everyone should consider online learning, especially those who have families or are in full time work. Distance learning offers so much flexibility and it allows you to design your studies around your work/personal life.

The one downside I found with distance learning is that you don’t have the opportunity to “ask a quick question” during your studies, like you would in a face to face lecture/ class room course however, UniCourse do respond to emails really quickly so you don’t have to wait long for an answer.

Since completing my HND, my employer has acknowledged my technical capabilities and helped me to step into the role of Electronic Systems Technician, which involves designing and managing a multitude of different electronic systems. I would now like to use my HND to develop my career and technical knowledge. I am hoping to become an Electronics Engineer and I am actively looking into how I can top up to an engineering degree, undertaking a distance or blended learning University degree.

For anyone else thinking about undertaking an online course, all I can say is “Do it!”. It gives you control and you do not need to feel like you are doing this on your own as there is professional support in the background and this can be just as good, if not even better than the support you would receive from a ‘classroom’ college course.

*Please note that this is strongly advised against. UniCourse recommend an absolute minimum of 9 months spent on an HNC. However, we are unable to prevent learners working at their own pace, therefore there are a very small number of cases where the course duration is under 6 months.

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