Bridging Mechanical Engineering

We are delighted to confirm the upcoming launch of our brand new Level 3 Bridging Mechanical Engineering course. We will confirm the final details and launch date as soon as possible.

Much like the Bridging Maths course, the Bridging Mechanical Engineering course is suitable for anyone considering registration onto an HNC/D Mechanical Engineering course. Before undertaking such studies, learners must have a strong foundation in mechanical engineering.

The course will consist of Fundamentals, Linear Motion of Bodies, Newton’s Laws, Work, Energy and Power, Statics of a Particle, Statics of Rigid Bodies, Concepts of Stress and Strain, Basic Thermodynamics, Properties of Gases and Pressure and its Measurement.

With this course, we aim to provide learners with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to progress onto a level 4 mechanical qualification and feel equipped for the challenges ahead.

Who is suited to this course?

- Engineers who have the ambition of studying an HNC in Mechanical Engineering but lack the skills or confidence to go straight onto a level 4 qualification such as this
- Someone who completed a level 3 engineering qualification some time ago and feel they require a refresher course before commencing an HNC

If you are unsure whether this course would benefit you, we recommend heading to our HNC Mechanical Engineering course page, clicking 'Module Details', and then viewing the unit samples. If you feel that you need a more solid understanding of the core principles involved, this indicates the Bridging courses would benefit you.

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