No need to wait until September – Flexible start dates with UniCourse

Waiting until September to begin the course you have been thinking of studying is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With UniCourse, there is no need to wait. We do not have set enrolment dates – you can sign up for any of our courses any day and at any time, whenever is appropriate for you.

Flexible enrolment dates enable our learners to get a head start. After completing an application, you will be asked to state a preferred start date, informing us of the best time to begin the course that works for you. September enrolment is not always a suitable time for learners to begin a course. Other commitments such as work and family can get in the way. Therefore, we have open enrolment dates – our courses are designed to help you fuel your career without getting in the way of your other responsibilities.

In continuation with this, we are also not inclusive of deadlines. Each student that signs up to a course with us is in control of the pace of their studies. You can complete your assignments when the time is most convenient, but if you are someone who works better by setting yourself mini targets, you can take advantage of the Individual Learning Plans that our tutors will happily set up for you, allowing you to work within a set structure that may, for example, be to hand in an assignment every week to be in a position to finish the course in a specific time frame that you or employer may request.

Also, you have the luxury of being able to place your studies on pause during the times of the year when your work or home life is at its busiest. When the time is right for you to continue, you can pick up where you left off. You have a minimum of three months and a maximum of five years to complete a course with us.

Despite the flexible start dates, our learners will always have access to seven-day student support. This means that if you are struggling with a particular assignment, whether it be over the weekend or of an evening, your tutors will still be available to you for assistance. This assistance can come in the form of email correspondence, a telephone conversation, or even a one-to-one Zoom call.

The registration process is not at all tedious or time-consuming. Upon completion of an application form, you will receive an application approval within 24 – 48 hours. Your approval email will provide further details on your next steps, including completing your enrolment form and how to make your course payment. As soon as payment has been completed, you will receive an induction email providing you with your Moodle login credentials, information on where to begin with the course as well as your course tutors’ details. One of our course advisors will contact you for a short induction, explaining how to access Moodle and answer any questions. From here, you are free to work through your course workbooks and complete assignments in your own time.

Starting a new course can be daunting, but that does not always need to be the case. At UniCourse, we are committed  to ensuring this process is stress-free and easy to complete. Should you run into any problems, our admissions team is always available to help.

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